Documentation of
the incompetence, aggression, harassment,
and other delightful side effects of working with
greedy, fragile, egotistical, self-serving narcissists.

…who also are also not-so-low-key trump-supporting, everything-that-is-not-cis-white-male-phobic, white supremacists.

Seriously, why would you shut off the automated, multi-tiered backups of company and customer data, AND THEN STOP PAYING FOR All YOUR HOSTING.

If nothing else, it displays a gross incompetence and lack of understanding about modern business methodologies.

But, as it is written, Ignorance is Bliss, and Management thrives on blissful ignorance.

URLs affected

Nuclear Option

Dissolution of Red Thread Studios, LLC under 2017 ORS 63.661.

Assorted Tech (contact page)

Moving Forward

To: anyone at what was formerly known as “Labyrinth Games” who still actually cares about the company
Subject: How to help fix this mess the so-called “CEO” of your company has gotten you into

Read the preamble.

Then, ask for instructions on how to return my property (see:netbook,asus).

Then we can discuss getting legal rights to the Labyrinth and Red Thread intellectual property transferred, (obviously) after resolving the matter of costs for past due service expenses, which currently total to my unpaid expenses and salary for (apparently) 2017-206 ($143,575) and the cost ($843 + $16,000 service charge) of preparing and maintaining my legal defense against your idiotic attempts at attacks against me.


I have documentation.
You do not.
The only way to prove me false is produce paperwork I didn’t sign.

Remember, this can be resolved in a day or three of actual communication, or you can keep blustering and making empty threats, and I can keep trash talking you on the internet and beating you in court.

Good luck.